Thursday, February 23, 2012

Simple snack box

My kids never seems to be happy with what I offer for snack. They all want something different. I refuse to get out yogurt for one, peel and cut an apple for another, and pop popcorn for another. My solution was to create a snack box with easy, healthy snack options. This way they can just pick what they want from the snack box.

I picked up a wooden crate/box on clearance at Michael's Craft Store. With my wood burning tool and letters I burned the word snacks onto the box. I finished it with my homemade beeswax polish (you certainly don't have to do this step, but I had the beeswax so went ahead and did it!)
You can find the ingredients and directions for your own wood polish over at the blog of Amber Dusick-

Super simple and now there is no more complaining at snack time! How is snack time at your house?

These are the moments they will remember

Kids- let them play in the mud, even if that means you have to give them a bath. Let them help you bake and clean up, even if they are actually making twice the amount of work for you. Let them play in the rain, let them explore nature, let them laugh, let them cry, and don't forget to sometimes laugh and cry with them. Turn off the TV and put away the video games and let kids be kids! These are the moments they will remember. These are the moments you won't want to forget.